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Team 636

About Us


Team 636 is a regional technical rescue team based out of Manatee County Florida (region 6). We are Type II technical rescue team comprised of 42 active members. The team was originally established, and is still managed by the City of Bradenton Fire Department. In May of 2022 The City of Bradenton Fire Department and the North River Fire District entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and joined forces to expand the team's readiness and capabilities. 


The goal of the team is to respond immediately to an emergency situation that occurs in or near the community we serve. The team is part of the State Emergency Response Plan, as such, there is a possibility that the Team may be requested to respond outside their local area.


To train and educate our members, future members, and collaborate with surrounding teams and agencies to maintain a constant state of readiness. 

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